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1999 - Sangre Hirviente

o2. Spit as an offense

Do you fear every moment?
now you fear everything
you are afraid these days
'cause I'm your living disgrace

Do you hear what I'm saying?
now you hear all my scorn
demons dance and laugh
sweet feelings, revenge will come

I spit at you, you're nothing in life
don't look at me, you're nothing in life
you're so weak, you're nothing in life
I celebrate, you're nothing in life

During years hate's been growing
wanna get what I do?
you can't hesitate
I'm here to break your fate

Don't date to look at me
Don't do it anymore
just listen to my laugh
this will end, as you thought

o3. Sucios pensamientos

Ven y coloca aqui tus labios ven
haz que penetre en ti, lame el sudor
Sé que no quietes y tendre que hacer
hacerte sangrar un poco ven

Bebe me semen, bébelo hasta el fin
provócame orgasmos, hazme venir
mitame y no Ilotes solo háblame
susúttame al oido todo tu suftit


Dame tu sexo con él jugaté
Dame placet total y te mataté

Perversion, intensidad, subyuqación
Orgasmo, necesidad, penetración

Tu sexo huele a mi, me excitas más
tu ano resistitá lo sé muy bien
fluidos cotten los puedo olet
Iluvia de espasmos sangre y placet

o4. Where angels don't sing

One scream awakes the beast,
your plea will denied
I can smell all those entrails,
they call me to start the feast

Nightmares will be raping your souls,
welcome where human warmth is ice
Nightmares feeding from your feats
welcome to see your world collides

I'm the enjoy to cure your fantasies
I'm the enjoy to redeem all your sins

I'm the savior of your lewdnesses
I'm your savior, don't you wanna understand?

You contort under my feet
your blood has splashed my eyes
you still scream, I want you to resist,
but you only want to rest in peace

I enjoy your screams, I kill and my hate exists
I can rape your dreams, I kill and my soul exists

You're there where angels don't sing
you lie where compassion is a myth
nightmares will be raping your souls,
welcome where human warmth is ice
Nightmares feeding from your fears
welcome to see your world collides

o5. Distorted face (dulce liquido mix)

You think it's time for being brave
you think you're saved from all fear
whatever you do you're late
see in my eyes, you are here
try to hyde, try to run from me
now you're naked to my eyes
all what you did means something to me
even your dreams on bad nights

You wanna say stop hating me
now it's time to show some force
I won't stop all these feelings
you've always known what's my course
try to hide, try to run , try to foreign
that you can go faraway
I won't leave you alone, ever in life
I'll be after you every day and night

I wanna feel your brave intentions
I wanna face your emptiness and lies
distorted face you know you have failed

Now it's time to say what you saw
what you felt, what you thought
tell me everything I want to know
I see you'll do it, you're not strong

I smell your sweaty clothes
you are dressed for the last day
I hear your weak and trembling words
nothing's important just this rage
try to hide, try to run, try to foreign
you can not trust in your faith
before saying something, just come here
you may be marked with my seal

o7. Espinas del mal

Lazos torcidos de sangre, almas tordidas del error
que ansian y revinen el insano temor
rostros impacientes, que callan la furia, que callan dolor

Violencia en carne viva, espinas del mal
ellos aun me miran, palabras de ita palabras del mal

Inhalationes aqitadas, venas reventando sin parar

Alma de sangre vel Ilévame
siento tu ita, aun veo tu muerte, aun estas aqui

Y al final quien va entender?
Y al final quien va perder?

o8. Boiling blood

Gods were watching in the distance
the killing of their sons
they heard their desperate screams
crying, they knew the time had come

Hundreds of years ago
false men came in their boats
they tried to kill our knowledge and creed
they won, but they spread our seed
blood still courses through our hearts
blood still courses through our minds
our memories were written in blood
we still believe our glory will return

Boiling blood in our veins
burn our painful past
boiling blood
we should turn them to dust

We are the boiling blood coursing through our race
there's nothing to regret we feel the ancient grace
they killed our world, but they couldn't kill our force
Gods protect us this time, come save us, we are your sons

* Música para un suicidio fue insprirada
en el titulo de la obra de Ricardo de Teresa.

Aun se huele la muerte en la memoria que se escribió con sangre,
la sangre que derramaron nuestros padtes todos los dias y todas
las noches; Nosotros sabemos que los que aun se atreven a abrir
la herida jamas abritán los ojos, pero si verán el fin.

Para todos los imbéciles que aborrecemos.
Púdranse en su mierda y festejen su ignorancia.

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