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1998 - Cursed Land

o1. There was a time

Deep in their wounds
There's something strange
bad things of death
foretelling the plaque

While their strength drains out
they lose their hope
wating for a cure and a blessing
wating to be saved

Their faith decays, internal struggle
attered bloodstream in their veins
their faith dedays, internal conflicts
fate's marked in their face

The rays of light are fading fast

The sun's turning black, seas are turning red
this will be the end of an insane age
forever the defied your power and force
now they realize they're naked souls

There was a time to get the meaning of things
There was a place to be just as we are
There was a time to forget all our fears
There was a place to forgive all injures

Crawling they clamor for their souls to be restored
to pursue the air as once they did.

o2. Banished

Our dommed empire's in decay
the silent man cast us away
from the place where light's the answer
he's pointing at us, he's wrathful, poor scorned

Scorned angels
the promise land is hidden
scorned angels
will we find the way?

He's wrathful, he observes all
now we hear his blaming call
compulsive visions, compulsive eyes
compulsive yearning, compulsive cries
blame our evil
blame our way to detest
blame, you threw us in this place
blame these fingers
blame our highest dreams
blame, you threw us in this place

Scorned angels
the promise land is hidden
Scorned angels
will we find the way?
Scorned angels
A loud voice is calling
Scorned angels
all words sound the same

Scorned angels
never see, never see
Scorned angels
we will never flee, we will never flee

In this land without wings
we won't ever, ever dream
We're blind, we can't see
we're just here to serve our destiny
We can't fight to defend
the creation that will bring the end
Down below in this hole
we can't find our way back home.

o3. Without a God

Answers coming from answers
questions swirling around
they light the fire of cruelty
to glorify their own debility

They walk on wastelands
where steps are erased
there's no trace to leave
they just know there's no life to give

Blasts blow from above
beating their heads with force
deafening horror screams
deadly, fatal, touches of wind

Days in disgrace
in search of someone to blame
no one's guilty, no one's gone
they know they're nothing without a God

The mute are talking now
They scream, God's gonna forgive their sins.
And nothing will ever change.

o4. Raging soul

Blind steps far away
are getting closer slowly coming
When, no matter, they'll have to face me
I'm here waiting for the blaze
A tiny movement lights my blaze
it burns intense for bastards
I feel it comes from within
I always wanted, I always am that flame
that shines to raze you innocent preys
soon you'll hear my name
'cause I'm the one who seals your fate

Blind intruders
you'll pay with your lives
I'll hurt and rape
your souls in long nights
you'll just see my light
my joy is hearing your cries

My name is on your skin
the door is opened
faces turn to me
your body's broken
whatever is the pain you face
whatever is the payment
I won't forgive

I'll release my spite and revulsion
'till I'm pleased, you'll kiss my will
I can punish the sin you never knew
I can be the thing you always fear
you'll never see my shape
but always you'll be under my rage.

I'll wait for it, I'll wait for you
I'll wait for hatred to burst out
Give me a sign, give me a light
give me the key to slay you
I'm gonna be, I'm gonna stay
wherever you put your footsteps
I wanna enjoy, I wanna taste
the flavor of a sweet vengance

o5. Flesh of your flesh

Purify my flesh
anything would be cure
crucify this flesh
nail my skin to your bones

I wanna rest in your rest
I wanna bleed through your pores
I just wanna bleed
compel me to share a little of your hell

open my sores
open my sores and relieve
discharge the misery you once fell
I know you'll do it
I know you'll want it
'cause I'm pain of your pain
'cause I'm sin of your sin
be my guide in darkness to find the way

I'm flesh of your flesh
let my sores be blessed
by the touch of your hand
belong to this flesh

Touch, touch my deep sores

Lacerate and cure this skin
you know how I'll lie
you know how I'll die
I'm not scared
I don't fear the pain
I don't fear the fate
I'm not scared
call me to your sores
call me to your sores
I'm not scared
waste me away
just waste me away
I'm not scared

Despierta la ira en la tierra de la perdición para presenciar
el hundimiento de toda efimera existencia que la pudre.

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