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1997 - Odio Bajo El Alma

02. Odio en el alma

Aflicción por no saber
cuando llegara el ocaso
las almas ríen
y el espíritu miente.

Sin sentimientos de si
hemos oscultado el limbo
tanto hemos mirado hacia atrás
que el pasado nos ha alcanzado.

Esta enmienda voraz
se revolcara en nuestros traumas
donde la inocencia resulta
inconmensurable ante nuestros ojos
siempre tratando de esconderse
en la casa del débil.

Escucha nuestro afán
por quedar en la inclemencia mundana.

Entierra este diente en su quijada
y sabrás cual es tu destino,
escupe en su ojo más humillado
y sabrás cual es su nombre.

Hemos llegado sin fe
tambaleantes en confusión
y hemos salido hambrientos
sin poder siquiera digerir
el aire que nos cubre
lamentos de inanición
sin poder comprender al fin.

Hambre en el alma
Hambre interior
Hambre en el alma
Hambre en mi interior.

o3. Beings of relief

I'm taking flight
I know how they feel,
I feel their deep sorrow
I'll breathe into their minds
until their suffering falls away.

Things I see through their eyes
thoughts are naked in their conscience
they're screaming inside
soul with no edges,
beings steep in fear.

People say we are angels
even if they've never seen us
we are the beings of redemption
we are the beings who are here
to show them light and heal inside.

We don't live without them,
without them we don't have
We don't have a place on earth
There'll be a place to meet each other
when you let go and come to our dimension.

o4. Final resource

It's opened my mouth
though it has been always mute
one day when doors open
I'll become a deafening scream.

While I was thinking of the pain
that I was feeling inside
I knew I could let out my hate
and use this arms to destroy it.

Do you believe in dreams?
Do you believe in change?
It's time to use our final resource,
it's time to shout our rage.

Just stay away!
I'll destroy it.

o5. Hell on earth

No one can stop you
you wanna be there in their smile
no way you can forget it
corroded feelings, fire in your heart.

Pierce into the storm
there's fear in the answers
hearing a faint voice from the past
memories of pain.

An evil force it's corroding all your actions
There's no hope it's reflected in blood shoot eyes.

Another crime, another passion
innocence doesn't fit
blazes, ash inhalation
the worst burn is yet to come.

Blazes rise your world's insane
deep inside your heart is still the pain
pain that drives you in to this hell
a sweet course eating you away.

Let him burn!
I hear his crying.
I see his body turning to ashes.

o7. Temple of lies

Fatten those tender lambs
'till they're ready
to be brought forth
into the temple of lies.

Taste this powder make a choice
before someone hurts the children
they're gonna show us
the oppression that we've felt
we hope aggression dies away.

Shocked brains wondering who's gonna fall
impressions from the holy eyes
I'm hearing their lies
I'm seeing their eyes looking for preys
What's gonna happen in this place?
confused mental state.

I see their faith riping apart.

Show them your shape
shattered, beaten, tired.
they say: just pray
questions dividing us.
like a blurred image
composed of fantasies
believe it their ideals
are on decay.

Fixed way we see that's only an ambition
for along time we've drunk their insults with fear
vestiges of repentance
we're afraid to see beyond our eyes
what do we hide?

Feign compassion and pull out his heart with your hand
There's no much left here
They are so lost yearning madly for a clear light
The temple of lies.

o8. Sexo bajo testosterona

(frenetik mix '96)
Salgo de casa buscando ser complacido
quiero alguien que me haga sentir vibrar
alguien en celo es tan necesario por el momento.

Vamos nena es solo por un momento
besa mi pene y acepta el sufrimiento
dame tu sabes tus tetas son realmente suaves
no te vayas por favor no te vayas
solo atiende y ya veras
que tendrás un buen rato conmigo
dame placer yo solo quiero un orgasmo,
dame lujuria, siento algo especial.

Despierta mis instintos,
intimida mi cuerpo,
introduce mi pene
en tu garganta, Mueve perra.

Solo coge pinche perra
esto es grandioso.
Solo coge pinche perra
esto es asqueroso.

Solo coge pinche perra.

o9. Sad scorn

Human reason doesn't exist
empty bodies, empty minds
damned mankind can't resist anymore
all these diseases spread over the world.

Mentally hasn't changed
sadness is marked on their face
how can people be different?
the answer doesn't exist.

The rules have broken men eat men
the hunger of their souls can't be satisfied.

Looking for power, quieting the weak
killing life.

All of them were born deaf and dumb
closed minds.

Sadness and desolation have been always
in their hearts.

Human community has created
an empire of hate and pride.

Poor mankind they are wrong.
Poor mankind they are alone.

1o. Slow death

Here lie I paralyzed waiting for...the end.

Feeling again this stupid heart
pumping the blood in this breast.

Anointed with pain like honey
and it deformed my face.

A slash grows between the veins
under my skin and bones.

I've seen her eyes they seem so kind
she pales my lips.

But she doesn't care how long I last
she bites my soul laughing.

11. Face to face

Accelerated dream
that deafens me
when it crashes in my ear
it's an incessant calling
screaming out the way I
should be living.

Live thoughts are exploding
in my brain, I see inside a great hollow
if I could ever end that life
I would do it, it's not a lie.

Hypocrisy is the beast that is hunting you
when you're gonna realize
it drives you finally to feel
aversion of the skin.

Distorting my mind
they hate me for my skin
though they want me to stop
I'll keep on being.

I can't change my instincts,
I create my faith
I defy your intentions face to face
my existence offends your trivial hate
I defy your intentions face to face.

Face to face, I have no fear.

Dedicado a la aberración humana.

Enfermos de soledad llegamos bebiendo
la maldad impregnada dentro de nosotros,
arrancándole silenciosamente a nuestro
origen la esencia de su ser, y ahora le damos
sentido a la existencia en el odio que habita
bajo nuestras almas.

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